Winners of Run with the Wind 2016


5 km race winners

  • 1st place in men’s category was James Mason in 20 min 28 sec
  • 2nd place in men’s category was Jacob Davill in 21 min 37 sec
  • 3rd place in men’s category was Tom Cunning in 22 min 16 sec
  • 1st place in women’s category was Annika Wise in 22 min 22 sec
  • 2nd place in women’s category was Hannah Cadden in 22 min 32 sec
  • 3rd place in women’s category was Kathie Dent in 23 min 2 sec

10 km race winners

  • 1st place in men’s category was Martin Dent in 36 min 23 sec
  • 2nd place in men’s category was Reuban Caley in 38 min 51 sec
  • 3rd place in men’s category was Daniel Oehm in 39 min 38 sec
  • 1st place in women’s category was Elizabeth Humphries in 42 min 30 sec
  • 2nd place in women’s category was Jen Bright in 48 min 43 sec
  • 3rd place in women’s category was Alice Bates in 49 min 4 sec

History, facts and figures

  • The race was won by Martin Dent in four years in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016. Martin Dent is a marathon runner and Olympian (his Twitter account @martydent).
  • Woodlawn wind farm is approximately an hour’s drive from Canberra and 3 and quarter hours from Sydney. The wind farm comprises 23 wind turbines and has been operational since October 2011.
  • In Run with the Wind 2016, the Woodlawn wind farm generated over 200 megawatt hours of electricity between 9am and 2pm. This is equivalent to powering 44,444 homes/hour.
  • The event attracts hundreds of participants and spectators. In 2016, there were 483 runners.
  • Follow the community on Run with the Wind Facebook page.

About the Woodlawn wind farm

  • Capacity: 48.3 megawatts
  • Wind turbines: 23 x 2.1 Suzlon S88
  • Operational: October 2011
  • Equivalent homes supplied: 23,000/year
  • Greenhouse gas savings: 150,000 tonnes/year
  • Tower height: 80 metres – hub height
  • Tower material: steel
  • Blade material: fibreglass/epoxy
  • Rotor diameter: 88 metres
  • Owner and operator: Infigen Energy (Australia’s largest wind farm owner-operator, Infigen is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the code “IFN”)

The Woodlawn wind farm forms part of the 189 megawatt Capital Renewable Energy Precinct that also includes the Capital wind farm and the Capital East solar farm. The first 67 turbines at the Capital wind farm have been operational since January 2010, and the 23 wind turbines at Woodlawn became operational by October 2011. The first Run with the Wind was held when the wind farm turned one.

Media coverage

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Run with the Wind was also mentioned during a debate in the House by MP Andrew Leigh on 27 October 2014:

As a keen runner, it was a great pleasure for me yesterday to say a few words at the third annual Run with the Wind community fun run at Woodlawn wind farm near Tarago, New South Wales. Situated between Tarago and Bungendore, the Woodlawn wind farm comprises 23 wind turbines and has been operating since October 2011. The fun run was hosted by the owner and operator of the wind farm, Infigen Energy, and organised by a sports and athlete management firm, Elite Energy. In the latter case, it is mere coincidence that the term ‘energy’ appears in the name.

The fun run is aimed at serving two main purposes: firstly, to encourage people to get fit and stay fit by completing a five- or a 10-kilometre run and, hopefully, the organisers tell me, in the future maybe even a half marathon; and, secondly, to raise awareness of the important role that wind power will have in Australia’s future. Contrary to the Treasurer, who finds wind farms ‘utterly offensive’ and ‘appalling’ and has said that they are ruining the landscape, many of those in attendance beg to differ. In fact, the sight of Infigen’s wind turbines serving as a backdrop to the many fit Canberrans and New South Wales residents who hit the run yesterday was a sight to behold.

I pay tribute to Frank Boland and Miles George, from Infigen Energy, for their support for the Run with the Wind. It is, as I mentioned to the runners at the start of the race, very much Australia’s future, because we know that in the future Australians need to be fitter. We have to bring down those rising obesity and overweight rates, and we need to produce more of our energy using clean, green methods. And that is exactly what wind farms are doing. If the Treasurer would like to join us at the next fun run, I am sure he would be more than welcome to enjoy the aesthetic, sporting and environmental benefits of the wind farm.

You can see the source of the transcript here.

Media Releases

Official photos

  • Download photos of highlights from the event here
  • Official hashtag on Instagram and Twitter is #runwiththewind2016


  • Marju Tonisson, Infigen Energy, (02) 8031 9900