Community Meetings


For the 2015 event Infigen and 100% Events held community forums on Thursdays 7 May and 9 July in Bungendore to meet interested key members of the local community. The purpose of the forum was helping us to make this year’s fun run better than it has been in previous years, attracting even more tourists, showcasing local produce and fundraising for the local communities. Aside from lots of ideas for family competitions, including a music stand and focussing this year’s fundraising for social support, the key recommendation was to continue holding community forums in Bungendore and Tarago.

We were pleased to see representatives of the Bungendore Community Foundation, Australian Wind Alliance, CWA Tarago, Bungendore Community & Sports Centre, and Boro Mt Fairy RFS, who gave up their time to help us out.

If you are a small business owner and can offer accommodation packages to runners, please get in touch with us at or call (02) 8031 9900.

Meeting agenda:
• Market & food stalls
• Other attractions and children’s activities
• Volunteers
• Visitor accommodation